Chosen Few Picnic

Chosen Few Picnic
19 Nov 2015

What started as a small “reunion” picnic of about 40 friends from the early days of house music has now grown into one of the largest house music festival events in the world! Often referred to as the “Woodstock of House Music” and the “Lovefest,” each July tens of thousands of “house heads” of all ages and races from around the world gather in Chicago’s Jackson Park on the south side of Chicagowhere it all began to pay tribute to and celebrate house music and house music culture. The Picnic features the legendary Chosen Few DJs as well as their guest artists and DJs. In recent years, Picnic performers have included Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Principle, Ten City, Kem, Terisa Griffin and Rochelle Fleming, lead singer of the group First Choice.

The Chosen Few



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