Midwest Merch

Midwest Merch
21 Jul 2016

As ridiculous fans of music in general, it’s our goal to partner with musicians to provide high-quality merch to solo acts, bands and labels alike.  We guarantee the quality of our work, the reliability and speed of our service, and the genuine excitement you hear in our voices and feel in our emails.  Whether playing your first show in a high school gym or selling out dance halls across the country, we’re here to help you make your art thrive!

Midwest Merch is dedicated to running our business in a fashion that is fair and responsible to our customers, employees, suppliers, and neighbors.  We promise to spend our advertising dollars only in ways that support the sustainability of the music, tech, arts, and nonprofit communities, all of which are vital to the inception, growth, and future of Midwest Merch.

It is our honest intent to continually impress our clients.


Logan Square
2128 N. Whipple Ave, Unit GN
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 980-6380
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Tatiana Rodriguez

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