Music Lounge

Music Lounge
13 Jul 2016

This Logan Square dive bar’s name has the word ‘lounge’ in it, but in reality it’s anything but. Some may call it an identity crisis, but regulars say that no two nights are alike, as the vibe and patrons change their stripes nearly every day of the week, from reggae to jazz to indie rock and merengue. Don’t be put off by the exclusive looking entrance; the vibe is welcoming and the beer and shots are cheap. When there’s not live music booked, groove to DJs spinning house, hip hop or rock music. Bonus: Music Lounge also has a packaged goods license for those looking to pick up beer on-the-go.

Logan Square
3017 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647
(224) 433-3894
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Odaliss Cornejo

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