Pitch Perfect PR

Pitch Perfect PR
11 Dec 2015

Pitch Perfect PR is a public relations company raising awareness of a diverse range of clients through creative press campaigns designed for print, online, broadcast, and visual media. We represent artists across a wide spectrum of ideas and styles, all of whom are committed to maintaining integrity and individuality in their work. Throughout the past ten years, we have built and continue to foster strong relationships with television bookers and producers, editors and writers for national, glossy publications, daily and weekly newspapers, online publications and NPR programs, and we have spearheaded successful campaigns for musicians, music festivals, films, books, television programs, comedians and beyond.

Pitch Perfect PR works closely with our clients to create thoughtful and respectable campaigns individually tailored to their specific preferences and needs. We are committed to presenting our client’s work to appropriate outlets and audiences in a way that makes them comfortable and helps them reach their goals. We give careful consideration to each potential project, and only take on clients whose work we truly believe is the right fit for us. Additionally, we work hard to ensure each client knows they are a huge priority to us, and aim to never spread ourselves thin.


1738 W. Summerdale Ave.
Chicago, IL  60640
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