Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation
19 Nov 2015

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation was founded by audiologist Michael Santucci in 1985 as a research and development company committed to controlling the damaging effects of loud sound, especially regarding musicians and hearing loss. With the advent of in-ear monitor (IEM) systems in the early 90s, Sensaphonics developed custom-fitted earphones designed to act as hearing protectors, isolating performers from ambient sound while allowing the in-ear monitor mix to be heard more clearly, even at lower volumes.

As the sole custom-only earphones manufacturer founded and operated by a practicing audiologist, Sensaphonics is uniquely qualified to provide safe, high fidelity audio for those who work in loud environments. Our ProPhonic 2X-S is the first and only custom-fit product to use soft gel silicone earpieces, resulting in a more comfortable fit and greater isolation. As a result, artists can hear their monitor mix more clearly at lower volumes, allowing longer safe exposure times. For this reason, the 2X-S, along with the 2MAX and 3MAX, have become industry standards for sound quality, comfort, and dependability among touring musicians and sound engineers, with hundreds of client users ranging from the Dave Matthews Band and Beyonce to Prince and Willow Creek Community Church.

In 2006, Sensaphonics is introducing another first in the music industry – the 3D Active Ambient custom IEM system. The 3D Active Ambient actually allows artists to hear the ambient sound around them, naturally and with accurate directionality, while still retaining the full benefits of isolation that custom earphones provide. This product was engineered specifically to answer artist complaints against IEM systems, allowing them to hear their bandmates and the audience without removing their earphones, and was granted a sweeping U.S. patent in 2012.

Of course, our expertise is in demand beyond the music field as well. Visit our website to find more information.


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