19 Nov 2015

Situated right next to Wicker Park’s infamous, traffic-clogging six-way intersection, Subterranean books all manner of rock, punk, and metal music plus the occasional rap or electronic act. Its bi-level layout (from levels two to three) is a bit peculiar—sort of a miniature take on the traditional balcony. Watching from upstairs can be nice if you can get a spot hugging the railing—otherwise it’s basically impossible, and you’re likely better off being crowded downstairs. Sound ranges from respectable to rough; it often depends on the performer.

The venue’s booze selection is pretty miniscule, but a few decent specials go a long way. If that’s not enough, you always can kill time in the first-floor lounge, where there are plenty more daily specials and a better selection. The lounge also hosts open-mic hip hop, reggae nights, Balkan dance music, and other regular events, so pop in if you’re passing by or already frequenting Estelle’s next door.

Wicker Park
2011 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 278-6600
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