The Vic Theatre

The Vic Theatre
19 Nov 2015

The Vic—shortened from “Victoria” on its official signage—is one of the oldest converted theaters in Chicago. Opened in 1912 and situated in the heart of Lakeview, this midsize rock venue (1,300 capacity) hosts a range of notable indie and smaller major-label bands, plus the occasional rock stars (e.g. Soundgarden) who want to play a more “intimate” venue. You also can catch regular comedy events (e.g. David Cross, Brian Posehn) as well as the Vic’s regular Brew & View, a triple-header presentation of second-run and cult-favorite movies to enjoy while cheaply boozing.

Much like the Riviera, the Vic’s rich history is on display via its old-school décor. Sound in the balcony can be surprisingly decent, and you’ll get a fine view there, so head up early if you’d rather not deal with the floor crowd. Parking can be a nightmare around these parts, so try to take the Red, Brown, or Purple lines to Belmont and get off within feet of the venue.

3145 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-0449
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