19 Nov 2015

The Burlington, located just west of Kimball on Fullerton, is a low-lit neighborhood bar with a quality cast of regular patrons. It books a shocking amount of shows for its size—generally in the back room, which also doubles as a dance area for many weekly DJ gigs. Local and smaller touring bands play for donations nearly every other night of the week—touching rock, metal, electronic, experimental, and more—often while another DJ or performer is playing in the front.

The beer selection is above average, with a decent number of microbrews in bottles and on tap, but the bar itself can’t really make anything fancy (if you consider a White Russian to be fancy). At the very least, all of its drink specials are available 364 days per year. The front room also has a pair of TVs, making it a good small spot for watching Blackhawks or other sporting events with passionate but non-bro sports fans.

Logan Square
3425 W. Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 384-3243
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