See Music

See Music
19 Jul 2016


Selling and licensing our music to the advertising industry is what built this studio. Take a look at our reel; we work with some of the biggest brands and advertising agencies in the world. We represent a very exclusive group of artists we believe in for licensing opportunities in the Advertising, TV, Film and Game industries. If you have some amazing music you’d like to sell or license, lets talk.

Production & Recording

Our studio was built to be an inspiring playground for composers/producers to write music without a lot of time lost to setup. We keep our tubes warm and microphones pointed downrange so great ideas can be captured within a moments notice. Every project we work on is unique and we charge accordingly. Our producers and engineers are happy to guide you through the process or you can lead the way.


River North
506 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 841-7331
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Odaliss Cornejo

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